4 Powerful Bast Prayer Rituals to Connect with the Cat Goddess of Egypt

Bast Prayer

Step into the world of Bast, the Cat Goddess of Egypt, and discover the power of Bast prayer. In this journey, we’ll uncover the secrets of this ancient deity, her symbols, and how to connect with her through the magic of Bast prayer. Bast, also known as Bastet, holds a special place in Egyptian history, representing home protection, fertility, and much more. If you’re curious about the enchanting realm of Bast prayer and how it can enrich your life, you’re about to embark on an illuminating adventure. Join us as we explore the wonders of what a Bast prayer can do to you.

Who is Bast?

Bast, also known as Bastet, is the celebrated Cat Goddess of ancient Egypt, though her origin remains a mystery, with some believing her prominence dates back to the second dynasty or Han dynasty. Her primary center of worship was in the city of Bubastis. Bast was initially recognized as a lioness goddess but is often represented as a graceful cat or a woman with a cat’s head. She was revered as the guardian of the home, symbolizing domesticity, women’s secrets, pleasure, and the arts. Over time, her influence expanded, and she became linked with the goddess Isis and was even regarded as the daughter of the powerful sun god, Ra.

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Symbols of Bast

Bast’s symbols encompass the domestic cat, an animal highly revered in ancient Egypt. She is often depicted carrying an ankh, a symbol of life, or a sistrum, a musical instrument that represents the joy and festivities she adored. The cat, in particular, held a special place in Egyptian culture due to its association with royalty and the divine. Bast’s symbolism extends to the moon, reflecting her dual role as a guardian during the night. Her eyes, reminiscent of the moon’s phases, contract and expand, making her an embodiment of this celestial body.

Symbols of Bast
Symbols of Bast

Titles and Epithets of Bast

The multifaceted Bast is known by several titles and epithets in Egyptian mythology, including Lady of the East, Goddess of the Rising Sun, and Goddess of the Moon. She is often referred to as “She of the Ointment Jar” due to the hieroglyph that represents her. Additionally, Bast is recognized as the Sacred and All-Seeing Eye, Lady of Dread, and Lady of Slaughter. Her name has different historical renderings, such as B’sst, Baast, Ubaste, and Baset. In ancient Greek religion, she was identified as Ailuros, which means “cat.”

How to Worship Bast

Devotees seeking Bast’s favor often called upon her as the guardian of families and homes, especially when in need of protection. She also held a connection to fertility and motherhood, making her a vital figure for expectant mothers or those trying to conceive. Worshipers would offer prayers, hymns, and sacrifices to honor Bast. They believed she could bring happiness, joy, and safeguard those who revered her.

Bast Correspondences

Bast’s associations extend to various gemstones. Black tourmaline, known for its protective qualities, dissolves negative energy and is favored by Bast’s followers. Tiger’s eye represents courage and good fortune, while cat’s eye symbolizes stability and focus. Animals, too, share a connection with Bast, such as the panther (wisdom), jaguar (war), and lion (respect). To set up an altar dedicated to Bast, one can include these gemstones, red, yellow, or orange candles, statues or images of cats, an ankh, and the Eye of Ra. Music, dance, and celebration also play a significant role in connecting with Bast’s energy.

Bast Offerings

In ancient times, offerings to Bast included food, wine, jewelry, and amulets bearing her likeness. These were thought to invoke her protection and watchful care. Incense offerings, such as cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, and almond, were also common. Bast was pleased with offerings like chrysanthemums, chocolate, cotton, feathers, figs, honey, milk, and sunflowers. Some practitioners use a black cat candle, shaped like a feline, to invoke Bast’s assistance for protection of themselves, their property, and their pets.

A Strong Bast Prayer to for every Occasion

To invite Bast into your ritual and seek her blessings, visualize her in all her glory. Feel her love and protection envelop your heart as you recite one of these Bast prayers:

1. A Bast Prayer for Guidance and Protection:

“Beloved Bast, guardian of the home, Protect us from all harm as we roam. Guide our steps, both day and night, Keep us safe in your loving light.”

2. A Bast Prayer for Fertility and Motherhood:

“Goddess Bast, hear my plea, Bless me with fertility, so mote it be. Motherhood’s gift, I ask of you, With your grace, may it come true.”

3. A Bast Prayer for Joy and Happiness:

“Bast, bring joy and laughter here, Banish sadness, doubt, and fear. Fill our hearts with happiness bright, With your presence, all is right.”

4. A Bast Prayer for Strength and Courage:

“Mighty Bast, with strength and grace, Grant us courage to face life’s race. In your image, fierce and strong, Help us stand when things go wrong.”

Bast Prayer

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I pray to Bast for protection?
    • To pray to Bast for protection, begin with reverence and offer your heartfelt request. You can use a prayer like this: “Great Bast, protector of homes and families, shield us from harm. With your fierce and gentle spirit, watch over us and keep us safe from all evil. We seek your divine protection and guidance.”
  2. Is there a specific Bast Prayer for fertility and abundance?
    • Yes, there are plenty of Bast prayers for fertility and abundance. You can use a prayer such as: “Beloved Bast, bestow your blessings upon us. Grant us fertility and abundance in all aspects of life. May your grace shine upon us, and may our lives be filled with prosperity.”
  3. What is the significance of offering prayers to Bast?
    • Offering prayers to Bast is a way to seek her favor and blessings. She is known for her protective and nurturing qualities, making her a popular choice for those seeking protection, fertility, and abundance in their lives.
  4. When and how often should I pray to Bast?
    • The timing and frequency of prayers to Bast are a personal choice. You can pray to her whenever you feel the need for her guidance and protection. Many people choose to offer prayers on significant occasions or when facing challenges.
  5. Are there specific rituals or offerings associated with prayers to Bast?
    • While there are no strict rituals or offerings required, you can enhance your prayers by lighting a candle, using incense, or offering small tokens of appreciation. The most important aspect is the sincerity and devotion with which you approach Bast in your prayers.

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