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Through the delicate dance of cultures, we weave scented stories that transcend boundaries, igniting a shared appreciation for diversity. Our mission is to make the essence of cultures accessible and affordable, so that everyone can experience the beauty that arises when traditions intermingle and souls connect.
Nagami & Shigeko Yajima
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Uniting Cultures through Fragrance - inviting You to Make Our Home, Your Home.

Welcome to our world, a world born out of love, struggle, and the power of scents that evoke the essence of home. We are the daughters of two immigrant Japanese families who embarked on a journey from the vibrant streets of Tokyo to the shores of America. Our hearts carry the bittersweet longing for the familiar aromas that once filled our homes—green tea, cherry blossoms, and the comforting embrace of traditional incense.

In this new land, we found solace in the memories that anchored us. We discovered that scents have the remarkable ability to transport us back in time, bridging the gap between the past and the present. It was through this longing that the idea took root—a brand that would capture the delicate balance and interaction of cultures in their most beautiful form.

Inspired by the richness of Japanese history and the tapestry of global experiences, we sought to create objects that would resonate with souls around the world. Each piece we craft is an homage to our heritage, steeped in the wisdom of ancient tea ceremonies and the tranquility of our temples. Yet, they transcend geographical boundaries, resonating with individuals who seek a connection to the essence of Japan.

As we embarked on this creative journey, the lyrics of Natalia Lafourcade’s “Hasta la Raíz” echoed in our hearts. They reminded us to embrace our roots, no matter how far we wander, and to celebrate the profound unity that comes from honoring our past while embracing our present.

Our brand is an invitation to explore the harmonious blending of cultures, to experience the scents that evoke emotions and memories, and to discover the beauty that lies in cultural interplay. From intricately designed incense burners that whisper stories of ancient rituals to exquisite incense sticks that carry the fragrance of tranquility, our creations speak the universal language of scent.

We welcome you into our world, where the essence of Japan meets the global tapestry of experiences. Each product we offer is an embodiment of our heartfelt mission—to touch hearts, bridge cultures, and celebrate the beauty that arises when we honor our roots while embracing the diversity that surrounds us.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we share the scents that evoke nostalgia, spark joy, and connect us all. Together, we celebrate the power of scent to weave threads of unity, to inspire, and to create something truly beautiful.

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