How to Read Libanomancy Chart & Incense Smoke Meaning: 6 Steps Proven Guide to How to Read Smoke Divination

How to Read Libanomancy ChartHey there! If you’ve ever wondered about the mysteries of scrying and incense smoke reading, you’re in for an exciting journey. Today, I’ll be your guide as we dive into the fascinating world of deciphering incense smoke meaning. Science might have its doubts, but let’s explore how our personal energy fields and vibes play a role in this ancient art. Get ready to learn how to read smoke divination and the hidden meanings behind smoke patterns. Ready? Let’s begin

What is Incense Smoke and What Does it Mean?

The old practice of Libnomancy, where we figure out what incense smoke means, goes way back to Babylon. The Babylonians really liked incense smoke and used it to clean their spaces, tell the weather, predict battles, and see what was coming in their own lives and for everyone around them.

So, when I try to read incense smoke, I act like I’m on a mission. I think the universe has answers, and I’m on a mission to find out what it’s saying.

But the universe doesn’t just tell me straight up. It sends me messages in code. I look closely at how the incense smoke moves and try to figure out what those messages are.

For this mission to work, you need to use all-natural incense. Stuff made from plants, oils, and flowers.

Moghzal Incense sticks tick all those boxes. If you want to join my mission, you can get them here.

Before you start, though, you need a clear question in your head. It’s even better if you write it down.

If you’re not clear, the answer you get might be fuzzy too.

Here’s a tip: Use incense sticks that not only tell you things but also make your space feel clean. That way, you get two good things – hints about the future and a fresh space. Check out more in our blog Smudging Prayer to Remove Negative Energy from Home.

Choosing the Right Type of Incense

Different types of incense carry distinct energies and vibrations. Frankincense, for example, is often associated with purification and spiritual growth, while lavender promotes relaxation and harmony. Choosing the appropriate incense for your smoke divination session is crucial to aligning the energy with your intention.

We have curated a list of incense scents and their uses to make it easy for you to choose the best one for your specific needs.

How to Read Libanomancy Chart

Unlocking the wisdom of Libanomancy, as found in the ancient text known as Three Collated Libanomancy, offers intriguing glimpses into the world of smoke divination as understood in Old Babylonian culture. These ancient insights, inscribed in cuneiform script (a distinct wedge-shaped writing system employed by the Mesopotamians), provide unique perspectives.

Since deciphering cuneiform isn’t a skill many possess, and for those seeking a quick translation reference, the renowned British philologist, Irving Finkel, graciously provides a simplified guide, which I’ve excerpted below. Alongside this, I’ve included a photograph of the Old Babylonian tablet and a reconstructed image of it, considering some damage has occurred. (If you have the time, We highly recommend watching Irving Finkel’s video titled “Mesopotamian Ghostbusting“).

Here are the concise insights you’ll find:

  1. If the incense smoke burns smokily when sprinkled, your army will triumph over an enemy.
  2. If the incense stops short, then later burns smokily, it indicates your army’s defeat by an enemy.
  3. When the incense smoke drifts to the right and not the left, you’ll overcome your adversaries.
  4. If it drifts left and not right, your adversaries will have the upper hand.
  5. Should the smoke head east and avoid the diviner’s midsection, it signals downfall for your adversary.
  6. If the smoke heads towards the diviner’s midsection and avoids the east, your adversary will prevail.
  7. If the smoke spreads equally in all directions, it signifies a balanced situation.
  8. Clustering smoke denotes success, bringing prosperity to the individual.
  9. A fragmented top of the incense smoke suggests financial loss and cattle loss in the individual’s estate.
  10. If the top of the incense smoke is cleft in two, it symbolizes madness.
  11. When the top of the incense smoke is cut off, it foretells challenging times.
  12. A top resembling the brickbasket of Šamaš indicates di’u disease in the household.
  13. A thin, palm-like gathering at the base of the incense smoke predicts hardship.
  14. If the incense smoke constricts after a while, hard times are on the horizon.
  15. When the smoke pushes through and escapes after a while, the individual will overcome challenges.
  16. If the smoke pushes through to the east and escapes, it also suggests successfully overcoming difficulties.

This wisdom is shared from Irving Finkel’s work, “A New Piece of Libanomancy.”

how to read libanomancy chart

The damaged single column tablet reproduced in the adjoining copy and photograph contains omens drawn from the behaviour of smoke from incense sprinkled on the brazier, and is only the fourth specimen of the genre to be published. Like the three already known (CBS 14089 = PBS 1.2 99, UCLM 9 – 2433 = UCP and now CBS 156, published by E. Leichty in Finkelstein Mem. Vol 143 -144), the present piece is Old Babylonian.” – Irving Finkel – A New Piece of Libanomancy

How to read smoke divination?

To decode the profound incense smoke meaning, all it takes is to follow these 6 straightforward steps:

Step 1: Observe the Color Keep an eye on the color of the incense smoke. White smoke signifies purity and positivity, while darker shades like gray or black might suggest negativity or a muddled question.

Step 2: Notice the Speed Watch how quickly the smoke moves. Fast-moving smoke indicates imminent change, while slow-moving smoke implies stability for a while.

Step 3: Consider the Density Pay attention to how thick or dense the smoke appears. This can reflect intense emotions or energies you brought with you.

Step 4: Assess Strength If the incense doesn’t light properly or goes out quickly, it might not be the right time to ask that specific question. Try again later or shift your focus.

Step 5: Observe the Direction Check the direction of the smoke. If it blows toward you, someone might be thinking of you. Smoke blowing away could mean someone’s trying to avoid thoughts of you. If your intent isn’t about others, smoke coming toward you might signify your manifestation is on its way. Blowing away could indicate more effort is needed.

Step 6: Interpret Patterns Look for shapes or patterns formed by the smoke. Spiraling upwards signifies spiritual growth, while downward spirals suggest things might be spiraling out of control. Forming circles can mean your intentions are set in motion, and dividing into two streams might indicate a crossroads in your life.

Understanding the Meaning of Incense Smoke Patterns

Before you begin deciphering incense smoke patterns, take a moment to center yourself. A brief meditation can enhance your intuition, allowing you to accurately interpret the patterns.

1. Incense Smoke Goes Straight Up Or Down

2. Incense Smoke Goes To The Right Or Left

  • Right: Smoke drifting to the right signifies fulfillment of desires. Congratulations are in order!
  • Left: Leftward movement implies obstacles and energy turbulence, suggesting a need to address blocks.

3. Towards or Away Incense Smoke Meaning

  • Towards: Smoke blowing toward you pertains to relationships, indicating reciprocated feelings.
  • Away: Smoke moving away suggests ignorance or neglect in relationships.

4. Circular Formation Incense Smoke Meaning

  • Clear Circle: A distinct circle denotes alignment with your desires, leading to manifestation.
  • Hazy Circle: A vague circle indicates weak vibrations, requiring stronger alignment for your wishes.

5. Ladder Shape Incense Smoke Meaning

  • Multiple Steps: A ladder-shaped pattern with several steps signifies significant spiritual progress.
  • Single Step: A single step indicates a need to enhance your spiritual quotient.

6. Spiral Incense Smoke Meaning

  • Spiral: A spiral shape hints at forthcoming significant and transformative events.
  • No Distinct Shape: Lack of shape indicates uncertainty and chaos in life.

7. Incense Smoke Splitting in two Meaning

  • Divided Smoke: Smoke splitting into two highlights crucial life decisions with substantial impact.
  • Trust Instincts: Listen to your instincts when faced with such choices.

8. Broken Corners Incense Smoke Meaning

  • Many Breaks: Multiple broken corners suggest confusion despite having plans. Choose a purpose-serving path firmly.

9. Symbolic Forms Incense Smoke Meaning

  • Positive Symbols: Symbols like infinity, stars, hearts, and smiles bring good omens and positive changes.
  • Negative Symbols: Symbols like crosses, skulls, minus signs, and sad smiles indicate negativity and challenges.

10. Thick and Dense Incense Burning Meaning

  • Clouded Energy: Thick, dense smoke reflects a clouded energy field with negative thought patterns. Change is needed.

11. Flames and Path Incense Smoke Meaning

  • Smooth Flame: Even and smooth smoke formation signifies a clear and smooth path to success.
  • Abrupt Flame: Abrupt or choppy flame indicates hurdles on the journey to success.

Interpreting incense smoke patterns adds a layer of depth to your practice. Keep observing, learning, and noting your insights to refine your understanding of incense smoke meanings over time.

Meaning of Incense Smoke Patterns: Cheatsheet

incense smoke pattern meaning

Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone learn smoke divination, or is it reserved for spiritual experts?

Smoke divination is accessible to anyone willing to learn and practice. While experienced spiritual practitioners may have honed their skills, beginners can also develop a deep connection with the practice over time.

What if I don’t see clear shapes in the smoke?

Noticing shapes in the smoke requires a keen eye and an open mind. It’s okay if you don’t see distinct shapes every time. The smoke’s movements and subtle changes also carry valuable insights.

How often should I perform smoke divination?

The frequency of your smoke divination sessions depends on your personal preferences and goals. Some individuals prefer daily readings, while others may choose to perform it during significant life events.

Are there any cultural differences in interpreting the incense smoke pattern meaning?

Yes, cultural variations exist in interpreting smoke patterns. Symbols and meanings can differ across cultures, so it’s important to study the symbolism within your cultural context.

Can I use any type of incense for smoke divination?

Different types of incense carry varying energies, so it’s advisable to choose incense that aligns with your intention. Research the properties of different incense types to make informed selections.


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