The 7 African Powers – How to Use Orishas To Achieve Your Dream Life

Explore the fascinating world of the 7 African Powers, also known as The 7 Orishas, and uncover how their unique abilities can help you achieve your dream life. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of Orishas and powers, giving you valuable insights to guide your journey towards personal fulfillment.

Who are the Seven African Powers or 7 Orishas?

The Seven African Powers, also known as the Orisha, Are rooted in the traditions of the Yoruba people of West Africa, the concept of the 7 African Powers traces back to ancient times. The Yoruba people believed in a pantheon of divine beings known as Orishas. Each Orisha possesses distinct qualities and governs specific areas of life, such as love, prosperity, healing, and protection. Through the transatlantic slave trade, the worship of these Orishas found its way to the Americas and the Caribbean, where it evolved and adapted to new environments and cultures.

Understanding the 7 Orishas and their Meanings:

Each of the 7 African Powers plays a distinct role and governs specific aspects of human existence. Let’s explore each of them:

1. Elegua: The Gatekeeper

Elegua, the trickster and messenger Orisha, serves as the intermediary between humans and the divine realm. As the opener of doors and crossroads, Elegua plays a pivotal role in any spiritual undertaking. Devotees seek her guidance and blessings to clear obstacles, make important decisions, and ensure the smooth flow of life’s energies.7 orishas

2. Oshun: The Goddess of Love and Beauty

Oshun, the radiant and charismatic Orisha, reigns over love, beauty, fertility, and sensuality. Her presence exudes charm and grace, and she is often depicted adorned in gold and surrounded by flowing waters. Devotees turn to Oshun for matters of the heart, seeking her blessings in relationships, artistic endeavors, and prosperity.

3. Yemaya: The Nurturing Mother Goddess

Yemaya, the motherly and compassionate Orisha, embodies the vastness of the ocean and the nurturing essence of motherhood. She provides solace, healing, and protection to her devotees, embracing them in her boundless love. Yemaya’s influence extends over childbirth, family matters, and emotional well-being.

4. Shango: The Warrior and Protector

Shango, the formidable and dynamic Orisha, embodies strength, courage, and justice. Often associated with thunder and lightning, Shango is the ultimate warrior and protector. Devotees seek his aid in matters of justice, victory over adversaries, and personal empowerment.

list of orishas and powers

5. Obatala: The Wise and Peaceful Sage

Obatala, the wise and serene Orisha, represents purity, creativity, and spiritual enlightenment. As the father of all Orishas, Obatala exudes wisdom and clarity of thought. Devotees seek his guidance in matters of intellect, artistic expression, and personal growth.

6. Ogun: The Industrious Blacksmith

Ogun, the industrious and skilled Orisha, presides over iron, craftsmanship, and technology. As the blacksmith of the gods, Ogun empowers his followers with determination and ingenuity. Devotees seek his assistance in matters of career, innovation, and overcoming challenges.

7. Oya: The Enigmatic Goddess of Change

Oya, the enigmatic and powerful Orisha, governs change, transformation, and the cycles of life. As the wind and storm goddess, Oya represents the force of nature and the inevitability of change. Devotees seek her aid in navigating life’s transitions and embracing personal growth.

The 7 African Powers Colors Meaning and Association

Colors play a significant role in the worship and representation of the 7 African Powers, as each divine Orisha is associated with specific colors that hold deep symbolic meaning. These colors serve as a visual language, conveying the essence and attributes of the Orishas they represent. Let’s explore the meanings behind the colors of the 7 African Powers:

1. Eleggua – Red and Black:

Red symbolizes the energy and vitality of Eleggua, the Orisha of crossroads and opportunities. It represents the vitality of life and the potential for growth and transformation. Black, on the other hand, signifies mystery, protection, and the unseen forces that Eleggua guards as the divine messenger.

2. Ogun – Green and Black:

Green represents the lush forests and fertile lands that Ogun, the warrior Orisha of iron, presides over. It symbolizes growth, abundance, and the strength to overcome obstacles. Black is once again associated with mystery and protection, highlighting Ogun’s prowess as a powerful guardian.

3. Obatala – White:

Obatala, the wise and compassionate creator Orisha, is associated with the color white. White symbolizes purity, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment. It embodies the divine essence of Obatala and his role as the sculptor of humanity.

4. Shango – Red and White:

Red represents the passion, strength, and power of Shango, the Orisha of thunder and dance. It embodies his fiery and intense nature. White complements the red, symbolizing the purity and justice that Shango seeks in his endeavors.

5. Yemaya – Blue and White:

Blue signifies the vast expanse of the ocean, which Yemaya, the mother goddess Orisha, governs. It represents her nurturing and protective nature, as well as her boundless love and compassion. White, once again, represents purity and the sacred essence of Yemaya’s divine presence.

6. Oshun – Yellow and Gold:

Yellow embodies the radiance and joy that Oshun, the Orisha of love and prosperity, brings into people’s lives. It represents sunshine, happiness, and the beauty of life. Gold, associated with wealth and abundance, further highlights Oshun’s blessings of prosperity.

7. Oya – Brown and Purple:

Brown and Maroon connect Oya to strength and earthly roots, mirroring her grounding spirit and fiery essence while Purple echoes her spiritual prowess and transformative might.

What Are the Rituals and Spells of the 7 African Orishas?

Let’s discover the rituals and spells of the 7 African Orishas that you can start using today to change your life:

Elegua Ritual: Opening the Pathway

To invoke the benevolent energies of Elegua, perform the “Opening the Pathway” ritual. Begin by lighting a red candle and placing it beside a small offering of sweets, coins, or candies. Recite a heartfelt prayer, expressing your intentions clearly. As you seek Elegua’s assistance, envision doors and pathways opening before you, paving the way for success and opportunities.

Oshun Love Spell: Embracing Self-Love

To attract love and embrace self-love, engage in the “Embracing Self-Love” spell. Find a peaceful setting, preferably near a body of water, and sit comfortably. Light a yellow or gold candle, symbolizing Oshun’s radiance, and place it in front of a small mirror. Gaze into the mirror and affirm your self-worth, allowing Oshun’s loving energy to fill your heart.

Yemaya Healing Ritual: Cleansing and Rejuvenation

For a powerful healing and cleansing ritual, invoke Yemaya’s soothing presence. Gather sea salt, blue and white flowers, and a blue candle. Create a sacred space near water, if possible, and light the candle. As you sprinkle sea salt around the area, visualize negative energies dissipating. Surround yourself with the flowers, symbolizing Yemaya’s embrace, and meditate on emotional rejuvenation.

Shango Protection Spell: Shielding from Harm

To invoke Shango’s protective energies, perform the “Shielding from Harm” spell. Place a red candle and a small metal object, such as a piece of iron, on your altar. Light the candle and hold the metal object in your dominant hand. Visualize a shield of invincible energy enveloping you, guarding against negativity and harm.

Obatala Creativity Ritual: Inspiring Artistic Flow

To tap into Obatala’s creative essence, perform the “Inspiring Artistic Flow” ritual. Find a tranquil space and light a white candle, symbolizing purity. Place a blank canvas or a creative medium of your choice before you. Meditate on Obatala’s guidance, inviting inspiration to flow through you as you embark on your creative journey.

Ogun Career Success Ritual: Forging a Path to Success

To align with Ogun’s energies for career success, perform the “Forging a Path to Success” ritual. Gather a green candle, a piece of iron, and a symbol representing your career goals. Light the green candle and hold the iron in your hands. Meditate on your aspirations, visualizing Ogun’s transformative energy guiding you towards achievement.

Oya Transformation Spell: Embracing Change

To harness Oya’s transformative energies, engage in the “Embracing Change” spell. Find an open space on a windy day and stand firmly. Close your eyes and feel the breeze enveloping you. Embrace the gusts as symbols of change, visualizing Oya guiding you through life’s transitions and propelling you towards growth.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone worship the 7 African Powers?

Yes, the worship of the 7 African Powers is open to anyone who approaches it with sincerity and respect.

the 7 african orishas

Are the 7 African Powers associated with specific days or colors?

Yes, each Orisha is linked to certain days of the week and colors that are considered auspicious for their worship.

Are the 7 African Powers part of a religion?

The 7 African Powers are associated with various belief systems, including African Traditional Religion and its syncretic forms.

Is it essential to participate in festivals to connect with the 7 African Powers?

While festivals offer a communal experience, individuals can connect with the 7 African Powers through personal rituals and devotion.

How do the 7 African Powers impact daily life in contemporary society?

The influence of the 7 African Powers can be seen in art, music, literature, and various cultural expressions in modern society.

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